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"Like all those of true Irish blood at that time he had an inate hatred for the British; moreover, he had never enlisted and since he hated the army life he determined to escape. In 1813, after 3 years in the British Army, he succeeded in his 3rd at empt and reached an American vessel engaged in the War of 1812. He entered the American Army against the British and again served in the band.

"He was with Commodore Perry at the Battle of Lake Erie and after the American victory on September 10, 1813 at Put In Bay when the British officers marched by to surrender their swords, his old Colonel saw him and exclaimed, 'Ah, John, I never thought you'd leave me that way'.

"He had some interesting experiences as he traveled through Europe with the British Army during its campaigns against Napoleon. On one instance while in Russia he was out with a foraging party looking fo food. They came to a house and asked for something to eat. The woman set food on the table, but no knives or forks, and when the men asked for them she said, 'Fingers were made before forks!' and she swept the food away. The poor hungry soldiers had to look elsewhere.

"After the close of the war of 1812 he settled at Sacketts Harbor, New York and married Catharine Delaney.

"My mother Ann, the oldest of the family, was born there in 1823. There were two other daughters: Catharine (Mrs. John Day) and Mary (Mrs. Byron Winnegar) and three sons: Michael, Edward, and John. Edward was the father of John Hogarty, Chauncy Olcott's manager for 25 years. John was drowned at 14 years at Green Bay, Wisconsin, whither they had moved some time after my mother's birth. My grandfather died there in 1844, the year I was born.

"I have heard my mother say that he was a handsome man resembling the picture of Noah Webster in a book we had called 'Lives of Eminent Men'.

(This came to me from Aunt Catharine Mace, who got it from her mother, Gertrude Moule. There is no date, but it is probably written in the 1920's or 1930's.)
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Stephen Hughes Moule Head 40 (1) born Kneesworth
Eliza Wife 42 " Herts, Hertford
Julia Eliza Scholar at home 13 " Kneesworth
Augusta Emma " 10
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Mary Moule owned property in Bassingourne from 1807.
William Moule owned property there from 1819.
Death of a tenant, Thomas Moule, is noted in 1808. But his death is not in parixh registers.

No record of Stephen Hughes Moule owning property.

No record of a marriage of Thomas Moule to Sarah Adams found in index to Cambridge marriages which is thought to be complete from 1780 to 1810. May be in Herts.

No record of baptism of John Moule or Stephen Hughes Moule, found in parish registers.

Marriage of Stephen Hughes Moule to Eliza Docwra 12 Sep 1835 at Bassingbourn found.
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Born: 2 Apr 1840
Name: Augusta Emma
Sex: girl
Name of Father: Stephen Hughes Moule
Name of Mother: Eliza Moule formerly Dociora (Docwra??)
Occupation of Father: Miller and Farmer
Informant: Eliza Moule, mother, Kneesworth
When registered: 25 April 1840
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